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    When connecting with the right global business partners matters.

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    Commitment To Deliver

    We source highly demanded & high quality local Australian & International agricultural produces.

Who We Are?

About Connect U Global

Our motto is simple:

‘When connecting with the right global business partners matters’

That means:

We aim to add value to our global partners, whenever possible. To support this, we have taken time to form a comprehensive business processes and relationships, to empower us to connect with the right global partners. Together, we collaborate to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of the products needed across the global. We build these relationships from the ground up, and foster them to deliver meaningful impact.

Join us today in our growing global business partnership and allow us to help your business grow.

How we can work for you?

Our Commitment

It is important for us to have a connection with both our suppliers and clients in their home country. Not only to ensure we deliver professional and personalised service, but to also enable us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business and its market. This enables us to be proactive with our approach

Our ‘connecting with the right global buiness partners’ process involves 5 key steps we undertake for each trade commitment.

Market Research

Market Research

People matter. Whether its understanding the market we seek to work in or our potential clients and suppliers, at Connect U Global, we believe we need to take the time to research, analyse and understand what the current and future needs are.

Finding the right global business partners

Finding the right global business partners

It starts with engaging with our clients and suppliers, so we can earn their trust, understand their preferences and anticipate their needs. This consequently helps us establish strong, long term engagements with our global partners.

Quality controls

Quality controls

Our commitment is to ensure that we deliver products of high standards to our global partners. That means quality controls are used to facilitate & screen that not only the products are accurate & complete, delivery also will include strict prolocols in order to meet the expectations of our clients.



Transporting products globally is more than simply booking an air or ocean freight & the product arriving. We aim to work with our global partners, to ensure that the products are delivered using efficient logistics systems to ensure reliability and on time delivery of the products.

Building & strengthening our relationships

Building & strengthening our relationships

Partnership requires more than understanding of what our global partners want. We need to understand why. We need to understand how our partners think & feel about the products.

Australian & International argiculture produces


Baby Formulas

Everyone parent wants safe and reliable baby formulas for their infant. This is especially true in regards to the Chinese community, with its baby formula market continuing to grow. At Connect U Global, we are suppliers of known international and Australian formulas.

Dairy Produces

From fresh milk, high in protien and fat to Australian locally produced butter, we source quality Australian produces directly from the local Australian farmers, using prudent logists and shipments standards, ensure due diligence on the whole cold chain.


Delivering highly sought Australian leading brands for vitamins to assist with maintaining optimal health and wellbeing.

Halal meat

Chilled or frozen beef or lamb can be supplied according to the cut and the requirements requested by the client.

Manuka Honey

We stock a range of Manuka Honey from a variety reputable manufacters. The honey are known for their potential health and wellbeing benefits.

People we work with

What they say?

  • It is important for Australian farmers to have the abilty to diversify and spread their risks. By having an opportunity to export some of our produce, as well as serving the local market, this increases the number of buyers as well as helps makes our branding stronger.

    John - QLD, Australia

  • Our Clients need premium Halal meats, with specific cuts and requirements

    Mohamed - NSW, Australia

  • Many families are concerned about the quality of food, especially with the babies. They are willing to pay premium prices for well known brands.

    Vivian - Guangzhou, China

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